Momma Wasn’t Borned Yesterday.

So, I’m sitting here, trying to convince myself that my three-year old son really does want to go to bed. He’s not trying to avoid the topic. ┬áHe’s not complaining or whining. He’s not really wanting to stay up and play or something equally ridiculous. He actually does want to go into dreamland and play with the flying elephants.

Okay, I’m fooling myself. He’s come out of his room a total of six times, saying, “pooping … pooping.” Uh huh … He’s pulling THAT trick. But, Momma wasn’t borned yesterday.


The truth about anxiety? She’s a soul-sucking succubus. A malevolent enchantress. Just one lusty song, that’s all it takes. Little by little, she creeps in, overtaking your heart, your mind. Her spell, irresistible and inescapable. Soon, you’re completely overwhelmed, drowning in your own thoughts and worries. Your mind is a wasteland. A ghost of its former self.

And then, just as quickly as she overtook her victim, she loosens her grip. Her captive, although freed from Anxiety’s prison, clings to her suggestive ballad. The chilling verses echoing in the ravaged mind.

Now the victim chases after Anxiety. He longs for the familiarity of her embrace. The closeness. The belonging. He begs for her song once more. Anxiety is all too happy to comply, enveloping the hapless fool once again.

Being a thinkygirl.

Today, I’m extra thinky. I’m thinking about my life, my love, my children. I am thinking about every single decision I’ve made over the past week. The words I’ve spoken. The deeds I’ve done. I’m so thinky, I’m thinking myself in circles! That’s what happens when one allows anxiety to overrun an already over-active mind. Circles.

So how does one stop these thinky thoughts? How does one find peace of mind? Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Find something enjoyable to distract the mind. Music, reading, even cleaning.

Even though I know how to avoid becoming overly thinky, do you think I do it? Nope. But you know what? Once I get to that point, you know what I mean if you have an over-active mind too, I find a way to distract myself. Or a way finds me. As a matter of a fact, I think I’m going to go find a distraction right now.


Today I made a discovery. I found out that I have a rare personality type: INTJ. Introvertive. iNtuitive. Thinking. Judging. It basically means I am always thinking of solutions and working to improve myself.

I’m not too sure how I feel about having a rare personality type. What’s even rarer, is the fact that supposedly very few women have this personality type. I am a true unicorn.

Goal Setting.

According to my research, the first step to goal setting is deciding what your goal to be. Okay, got it. I think I’m going to work towards finishing my two big projects I’ve currently got going on. Today, I bought a planner. Not that I don’t have any planners, but this one is going to be extra special. I will keep track of my goals and the steps I will need to take to achieve them.

Okay, so step one is covered. Now is time for step two: write it down. I think blogging my idea pretty much covers that step, but just in case it doesn’t I also wrote it down in my journal and planner.

On to step three. Tell someone. I’m not big on following through on what I set out to do. This time will be different. I plan on making schedules and plans and sticking with my goal. Even continuing beyond my “achieve by” date.

Step four. Break your goal down. Simple enough. Right now, in this moment in time, I have two big projects going on at the same time. I am crocheting a scarf and reading a rather large book. So … Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I’m going to work on my crochet. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m going to read. This way I am free on the weekends for family time.

Now that I have somewhat broken down my goals, I suppose the next step is to actually take the next step: begin crocheting. Should I find that my “schedule” for my hobbies is not working out, I’ll revise as needed. I think it’ll work pretty well though.