Standing in the way of myself.

So, I started a work from home business. You know what? It may be a little less intimidating, because I’m not constantly being bombarded by people. It still is intimidating. It makes me anxious to message people, to ask them for anything. To request help makes me go out of my mind. Anxiety creeps up and I cannot help but shrink back in fear.

Why was I not created with a little more bravery? With just a smidge more courage? Am I so weak that I will allow myself to constantly stand in the way of myself? I am the only force that can make my dreams come true, and I am the one stealing every possibility from myself. Ugh.

I seem to be enjoying my anxiety. I’m comfortable with its familiarity … even though I am completely tortured by it. I vow that today … TODAY … I will reclaim my life! I will reclaim my dreams. Put out the fires of anxiety and fear! I. Will. Conquer.


2 thoughts on “Standing in the way of myself.”

  1. wow!! Its not easy overcoming those fears I am sure but the first step on working on them is realizing that the fear is real and that it doesn’t have to be there. You have a world of opportunity awaiting you and it’s time to kick the anxiety in the butt. (not as easily done as said)

    So I wish you all the best in your new adventure!!

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