Learning How to Coupon.

I am slowly becoming familiar with the ways of couponing. TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” has made the idea very popular. I’m just one of those very frugal people and really want to pinch my pennies where I can. I figure coupons can help me do that. So far, this is what I’ve learned …

If one is going to save money, the very first thing one must do is sign up for store’s rewards programs. Not all stores, mind you. Pick your favorites, the ones you frequent the most. Rewards programs alone will help save a ton, but combining the rewards with coupons … and you’re nigh unstoppable.

Never be afraid of generic brands (or store brands). Being loyal to name brands may seem like a good idea, but in the grand scheme of things, generic brands are pretty much the same thing. In addition, switching to generic will save lots of the green stuff.

There are many ways to organize, the most popular being … a huge binder with clear plastic pocketed pages. Since I am just a novice, I’ve decided to use a cosmetic bag with envelopes. So far, it seems to be working.

Many seasoned couponers will say that one must buy multiple newspaper subscriptions in order to receive the coupon inserts. Technically, yes, one could spend the extra dollars and buy multiple newspapers. But, really, is it logical to buy so many newspapers? No, not really. There is a solution to wasting so many newspapers … buy only the inserts. Simple. Easy. Effective.

I think it’s becoming clear. I. Am. Addicted. Yes, that’s right, folks. I am addicted to learning about saving money. My first couponing experience at Target I saved 30% (I would have saved more had I remembered about the Cartwheel app on my phone). Now, that may not seem like a lot, but to me, it was a score. Next time I walk into Target, I’m going to be even more prepared, even more knowledgeable, and I will save more money and time.


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