I Hate Travelling.

I have to fly again soon. Very soon. I hate it. I hate leaving my love. I hate leaving this beautiful place, where I am happy. I really don’t want to go back “home”. Far too many people at the airport and far too few hiding spots. Can it be over already?


6 thoughts on “I Hate Travelling.”

    1. Thank you so much. I hate travelling by myself, but I REALLY hate subjecting my small son to it. It makes me that much more anxious. And, I really hate leaving my love. It gets harder and harder every time. Ugh.


  1. I, on the other hand love travelling. 🙂 Sure I hate the waiting at the airport part, I cannot relax until I am in my seat on the plane and the doors have closed. I have missed too many flights. 🙂
    The pilgrimage back “home” is a stressful one, we go back in time, we become children again in the eyes of parents. We are not seen as adults. It usually takes me a week to “recover” from a trip “home.”
    A really good book at an airport blocks out all distractions but if it is too good well then you may miss your flight. Back up is an alarm on your phone to remind you to board.
    I like people watching at airports. It helps me appear relaxed even when I’m not.


    1. I like people watching too! Actually that helps my anxiety a bit. It sure is nice to have something that helps, for sure. It can be so difficult travelling under that much duress … especially if you have to go through customs.


      1. I get nervous for no reason going through immigration or customs. Knowing about Aspergers explains myself so much better in my relationship to airports. I have had loads of ah ha moments this year thinking back on all the times my reactions have been different from the norm.
        At the airport screening they should have an Autism line. They make me nervous too.
        Thinking about it I endure airports. I used to get so excited going through duty free and had to go shopping. Now I buy nothing. I sit and read or people watch. Plus I get there super early!

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