Ugh, I’ve had some health issues of late. Sadly, it’s only been noticeable in the last week to week and a half … since I’ve changed my lifestyle. My blood glucose level dives down to the low end of “normal” and then shoots up past acceptable ranges. I’ve had a slew of really annoying symptoms … shakiness, headaches, tingling in my fingers. Of course, the most important people in my life are speculating that it’s actually my diet that is causing my symptoms. It cannot be possible. They cannot be right. They just can’t be.


18 thoughts on “Diabetes?”

      1. There is a new follow up documentary out now too. Just discovered that looking for the trailer for you. Haven’t seen the new one yet. Saw also about sugar, called Fed Up. That looks good. I have only seen the trailer though.

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  1. Sugar is sooo evil. I switched to using agave nectar in place of sugar since it is easier on your body but even with that I use it carefully. I am quite familiar with the low blood sugar shakes when suddenly you bottom out. Our bodies have been destroyed by all of the additives and sugars in everything we eat.


    1. I read somewhere (the title of the book escapes me presently) that one should really look at some foods as addictions. Sugar is one, and it’s so true! Sugar is nothing more than a drug. An evil, conniving drug. I so need to figure out how to drop it completely.


      1. I had to actually remove it from my house. If it was in my house, I used it. It is an addiction. Even with the agave nectar I have to limit how much I have in the house and make sure I measure it when I use even a teaspoon. It is much easier on your body though and doesn’t cause the spikes in blood sugar that you get with refined sugar.


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