Just A Few Observations …

So, this morning, I’m watching my usual bit of television while I ever so slowly wake up and I see this commercial advertising botox. While I’m a member of the grow-old-gracefully club, I believe what a person does to their body, what they put into their body, is his/her own decision. Having said that, it astounds me that people actually get botox after watching botox commercials. Even if the audience knows nothing about botox, it states right in the commercial that botox is a toxin. In fact, the advertisers use the “generic” name of botox, onabotulinumtoxinA. So, why do people still get botox injections? Why is our society so focused on staying young and youthful? Why can’t we look in the mirror and find ourselves beautiful at every stage of life? Why?

Secondly, I am a member of an online babywearing support group. It was created to help and support each other as babywearers. Honestly, I love the idea of an online babywearing support group. I don’t have to go anywhere or meet any new people. I don’t have to stress about crowds or worry about what to say/do. It’s perfect. Well, almost perfect. Members of my online support group attack each other more than they support, using negative criticism and stating their opinion in an outright harsh manner. In other words, what is meant to be supportive really is more like a free for all … a bashing tournament. So, why do people feel like they need to criticize one another? Why can’t we lift each other up, encourage and praise?

Lastly, I have family members all over the place. In the States. In Canada. In Brazil. We all come together on Facebook. It’s the only place we can all be at once. That’s the convenience of the internet. We can all keep up with one another in a way we never were able to before. Now my family members thousands of miles away can see what people/things I’m into, what my kids look like, and where I’ve been. So, how much information is too much? At what point should we draw the line?

And now, I leave you with one final question, at what point does thinking become over-thinking?


2 thoughts on “Just A Few Observations …”

  1. I don’t understand why people choose botox – or any number of other things that involve putting toxins in the body.

    I love babywearing but have never joined a group. I’m not sure what you mean by bashing, but there is one thing that really bothers me: when I see people wearing their baby facing outward, just because it’s very bad for baby’s hips. Other than that, I don’t know why people (moms especially!) can’t just be more supportive and less critical of each other.

    I think deciding how much is too much on FB has to do with how much you would share in real life. If you have family all over the world and this is your main way of keeping them involved in your and your kids’ lives, then utilize it!

    Overthinking… who does that?? 😉

    Happy Friday :-).


    1. I suppose by bashing I mean criticizing. Yeah, that’s a much better and more descriptive word. I need a thesaurus at hand when I blog!

      Wearing baby facing outward … It just looks uncomfortable! I never see smiling, happy babies in pictures [with the baby facing outward].

      Thank you for “stopping by”! Happy Friday to you, as well 😀

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