I Need A Lightning Rod.

I ate a quarter of a box of crackers. They were veggie crackers, but that little fact doesn’t justify my actions. I feel awful. Honestly, I think I “binge” eat when I am super anxious, and today was a particularly anxiety-ridden day. I’ve got to figure out another way, a healthier way, to deal with my anxiety.

A while ago, I saw a bunch of cute little stress balls in a little store. Why didn’t I buy one? They were squishy but not too squishy. They were hard without being too hard. The colors weren’t too loud or gaudy, and the texture wasn’t too obnoxious. They looked like they would be perfect for me and my stimming needs (then, maybe I won’t annoy people with my leg bouncing and finger tapping). Now I’ve made up my mind. The very next time I come across a stress ball, I am buying one. I am almost certain that it will help me. That little ball will be my lightning rod.


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