Sheldon Cooper, How Do I Love Thee?

Sheldon Cooper, the intelligent but socially awkward character on The Big Bang Theory, is without a doubt my favorite. He is never shy in regards to his hobbies (namely comic books, video games, and superheroes). When it comes to work, he feels that his knowledge and intelligence is superior to that of his friends. He says exactly what it is that he wants to say exactly when it is that he wants to say it. It’s so comforting to see a relatable character on television.

Sadly, I am so afraid of what people will think or say that I almost never say what I am thinking. Sometimes, I wish I could have some of Sheldon’s courage. I would love to be able to respond to people’s sandpaper comments right in the midst of conflict. Instead, what happens is I think about the situation over and over again, taking the comments literally (and personally).

Additionally, I misinterpret people all the time. I can’t help it; I have little understanding of what is socially acceptable, very similarly to Sheldon. In the immortal words of Roger Rabbit (substituting Sheldon for Jessica, of course), “Sheldon, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways … one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand …”


7 thoughts on “Sheldon Cooper, How Do I Love Thee?”

      1. Jim Parsons did an interview this week and he said that Sheldon doesn’t have Aspergers. That’s what the writers told him when asked. In a way I think the ambiguous way they are handling it is fine by me. Let the viewers make up their own minds.


  1. He’s my favorite character too – the lack of empathy, the ability to say whatever is on his mind without anticipating the response…Leonard is better on that front – but what would BBT be without Sheldon!


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