Day Eighteen.

I am nearing the end of my 21 days, and I was optimistic until I read today’s reading aptly entitled “Play with Your Food”. It’s all about trying new things, new flavors, new additions. Ugh. Dr. Barnard makes it sound so easy.

Not surprisingly, nutritional yeast is mentioned. It has a cheesy flavor and can be added to pizza and many other foods. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will definitely be buying some soon. I feel like it could make my dinners more interesting and even tastier.

Dr. Barnard also mentions Swiss chard, which is a green leafy vegetable. I have no clue what it is or how to eat it. I actually had to “google” it, as I had no idea what it even looked like. According to some outside reading I did, Swiss chard is slammed full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Now I just have to work up the courage to try it. I think I can?

After reading today, I decided that I was going to be buying myself a blender. I have never owned a blender. Really, really. I think it may come in handy, though. Dr. Barnard suggested some quick desserts that piqued my interest. One was … “frozen bananas with a touch of maple syrup, pecans or walnuts, and vanilla”! Doesn’t that sound absolutely delightful?

I guess if I’m going to continue on my path to healthfulness, I will need to learn to try new things. I will need to be adventurous. Eating the same thing over and over could result in me cutting my journey short and returning to my previous unhealthy diet. No!! I do not want that. And so, as I gather my courage, I step into the unknown. Onward and forward.


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