Why I write.

Lately, I’ve seen a number of articles written on the reasons “why I write” and it made me think. I mean, really think. It occurred to me that I really didn’t know why I write. I just write.

The longer I thought about this blog, the more the reason became clear. I called this blog “thinkygirl” for a reason. I realized that I stated my reason in the short description, “a girl with a different worldview”. My blog was and is being written to raise awareness for the differences in us. To shine the light on the beauty of uniqueness and oddities.

I write to give Asperger’s, OCD, anxiety, and depression a voice. I write to give babywearing and breastfeeding a voice. I write to give alternative medicine and veganism a voice. I write to give the differences a voice.

Differences aren’t always popular or mainstream. Often, they are looked at as “weird” or “stupid” (and, yes, people have actually used such adjectives to describe me or what I do). I am different. I chose to do what I believe is best for me based upon my own research. In turn, I’d like to share what I have found to be true. Differences rock, and I love them.



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