Yesterday, I slipped up. I ate a Canadian Maple Donut from my favorite coffee shop, Tim Hortons. Instead of beating myself up, as per usual, I think I will use this moment to figure out what not to do. How to avoid it happening again. We went shopping around the usual time when I would be eating lunch. When we left our apartment, I was a little hungry and soon the tiger in my belly was growling fiercely. Mistake … mistake … mistake.

So, what I think I am going to do is buy myself some Clif bars to take with me when I leave around meal time. Just a little something so I don’t give into temptation. Dr. Barnard is so right when he talks about food being an addiction. “Just say no” really is easier said than done.

In two weeks I’ve only messed up once. Only one time. I’m not going to give up. I am going to keep on keepin’ on.


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