Day Eleven.

Today has been mentally and physically taxing. My poor baby boy is teething, and he is neither happy nor easily comforted. Sadly, the only thing that seems to be working to calm him is his coloured set of plastic keys. His smile when he plays makes me smile, momentarily melting my worries and sadness away. Love that little guy.

Because my mind is unsettled, I spent my day researching (something that calms me) numerous topics, including cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers with my older children and desperately want to use them with my youngest, but have been having issues finding a store that is cloth diaper friendly. Sleep evaded me as I scoured the internet, trying to find local shops that sell quality and affordable cloth diapers. Imagine my excitement when I finally found a store that sells diapers, wraps, and clothing. Yes, I was absolutely enthralled!

Cloth diapering aside, I am looking forward to having vegan pizza! And portobello fajitas! YUM!


2 thoughts on “Day Eleven.”

  1. Yeah, for cloth diapering! My little guy uses the Bum Genius Flips. I love them! I ordered ours online from cottonbabies dot com because where I live they are impossible to find in stores. Plus they had free shipping.
    Sorry to hear about your teething issues, this too will pass. Hang in there Mama!


    1. Gah! I love Bum Genius! It sure would be nice to be able to find the exact brand of cloth diapers you want in any store just like disposables. I am glad for the internet though. You just log on, type a few words, and away you go … hundreds of online stores at your disposal.

      Thank you, by the way. Today is already proving to be a better day đŸ™‚


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