Day three.

Last night, I made myself my very first Buddha bowl, which is just a smorgasbord of food all in one bowl giving it a rounded top like a “Buddha” belly. I had brown rice, black beans, okra, green onions, and salsa. It was so good I may make the Buddha bowl my go-to meal.

I have got to remember the magic of the bean. Seriously. Beans are high in protein and fiber. Fiber is far more important, since that is what actually makes a person feel full. If I can remember to have beans at every meal, I think I’ll have this vegan thing down.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any new food as of yet, but I do want to try eggplant and portobello mushrooms (Remember, I am horrible at trying new things). I have found some delicious-sounding recipes with eggplant as a main ingredient, and I really want to taste portobello fajitas. And, even though I am from the South, I haven’t really gotten the hang of collard or turnip greens. Hopefully, I can change that, as dark greens are slammed full of nummies.

Not everyone has support of loved ones when making a lifestyle change. Luckily, I have my very own cheering section. He believes in me, which in turn makes me believe in me. Going low-fat vegan isn’t difficult; it is a transition, though. A re-training of the brain. I think I am getting it.


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