So sorry, future fellow travellers.

My dearest future fellow travellers:

I am about to embark on an International journey. A journey that will take me to a land that I love: Canada. Before six weeks ago, this journey would have been fairly simple for me to endure. This time, one small factor has changed. I now have a small son traveling with me, and I am so sorry.

During flight time, my son will no doubt cry. He will no doubt be hungry, sleepy, and irritable. I expect to have to either entertain him or hold him for extended periods of time. He might sleep. He just might. However, his remaining awake and being over-stimulated is far more likely. You will probably be longing for landing far before it will happen, and for that, I am sorry. I am sorry for any future bother that may be caused by my son’s inability to express his feelings.

Also, I wield the power of lactation. Yes, I nourish my child using my boobs. It may make you uneasy and uncomfortable. It may make your stomach turn. You may disapprove, or you may approve. Regardless, I will be feeding him throughout the trip, thereby reducing the chances of an unhappy small traveller. And, that is the goal.

Like most mothers, I will be doing everything in my power to keep him calm and content. I can almost guarantee that I will be flustered and anxious. I will be more concerned about your comfort level than my own, so please do be kind. Please do not voice your opinions or offer unsolicited advice; it will only cause me more anxiety. Despite appearances, I really do have your best interests at heart. I really do understand what it is like being forced to listen to crying hour after hour. I have been there, and therefore, I am truly, deeply sorry.


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